Dietary Advice

This section of the website provides you with information on how to manage your diet everyday as well as help you plan for special occasions.


Enjoy food with diabetes (Diabetes UK)

Enjoy Food – Helping Families with Diabetes Shop, Cook and Eat (Diabetes UK)

Eating well with gestational diabetes (Advice for women when diabetes occurs during pregnancy)

Food First (for people with Diabetes) (PDF, 12 A4 pages): Food First is an approach to treating poor dietary intake and unintentional weight loss through the use of every day nourishing foods and drinks.

Alcohol and Diabetes Many people enjoy drinking alcohol, whether it is a glass of wine with a meal, a celebratory glass of champagne or a pint with friends at the pub. The good news is that there is no need to give up alcohol just because you have diabetes. The aim of the information on this website is to provide you with general guidance about the effects of alcohol and how to drink sensibly if you have diabetes.

The Glycaemic Index (GI) (PDF, 12 A4 pages): This booklet is designed to help you understand what the glycaemic index of food means and which foods have a high or low GI.

Healthy Eating for Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT) or Impaired Fasting Glycaemia (IFG) (PDF, 8 A4 pages): This booklet provides information for people with IGT or IFG to help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. 

Carbohydrate Counting (PDF, 20 A4 pages): This booklet is designed to provide information on carbohydrate counting for people managing their diabetes with insulin. 

Carbohydrate Counting (Reference Tables): This booklet is designed to provide information on the carbohydrate (CHO) content of common foods. (Reference Tables) – Larger Print.