Healthy Feet

Foot problems can affect anyone who has diabetes, whether they are being treated with insulin, tablets non-insulin injections or diet and physical activity only.

People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than with any other complication of diabetes. This is because diabetes may lead to poor circulation and reduced feeling in the feet. It is important to understand how foot problems develop and how they can be prevented or detected early so that they can be treated successfully.

Touch the Toes Test (PDF, 4 pages): The Touch the Toes test is quick and easy, designed to assess ensitivity in your feet, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. This guide offers full instructions for how to perform the test. Please note that the Touch the Toes test is not a substitute for your annual foot review by an appropriately trained person.

10 Steps to Healthy Feet (PDF, 3 pages): A simple guide to healthier feet, take the first step towards healthy feet for life by Putting Your Feet First.

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