When to contact SCDS

  • Assessment on next step in treatment
  • Uncertainty about classification of diabetes
  • Insulin initiation
  • Insulin dose adjustment
  • GLP-1 initiation
  • Severely insulin resistant patients
  • Multiple co-morbidities
  • Patients needed Specialist Multidisciplinary Support from psychologist, diabetes specialist nurse, specialist diabetes dietician, consultant diabetologist
  • Patients with CKD stage 4 (eGFR < 30ml/min) and/or creatinine > 150µmol/l)
  • HAB1c persistently higher 78 mmol/mmol
  • Home visits of house bound diabetes patients
  • Basic carbohydrate counting for Type 2DM patients on basal-bolus insulin regimen
  • Education courses for type 2 DM (DESMOND): newly diagnosed and ongoing diabetes
  • Professional practice-based education

Patients triaged by the community diabetes team have one or more of the following possible outcome(s):

  • Patient seen at weekly rapid-access diabetes consultant clinic
  • Patient seen at the next joint practice-based clinic with GP/PN  in the patient’s surgery
  • Home visit by DSN / Community Nurse or Matron
  • Patient referred to hospital diabetes clinic or other specialist clinic


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