Your Local Diabetes Team

Diabetes Community Services

Your GP or nurse may refer you to the Community Diabetes Service if they feel you need specialist input, or they may call the Community Diabetes Service for some advice and guidance in relation to your treatment plan. This is to ensure you are receiving the best care and treatment for your diabetes at this time.

The Community Diabetes Service consists of a diabetes consultant and 2 Community Diabetes Nurse Specialists. The service is available Monday-Friday 09:00 – 17:00.

The Community Diabetes Service aims to:

  • Improve the care and health outcomes of adult patients with diabetes in Swindon.
  • Provide accessible services as close to the patients’ home or workplace as possible.
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of health care professionals to manage diabetes care, through education, training and practice support
  • Promote patients to self care and gain a better understanding of their diabetes through a range of education offerings, motivational interviewing and literature resources.
  • Reduce hospital admissions.

The service welcomes referrals from a variety of health care professionals.

Hospital Services – The Diabetes Department

Our department has a strong patient-centred focus and has very good links with local GPs, Practice Nurses, and Community Health Care Professionals.

We provide specialist services for people with diabetes who

  1. are acutely admitted to hospital,
  2. have complex diabetes foot problems,
  3. are severely obese,
  4. are young adults,
  5. are planning to be pregnant or are pregnant
  6. are eligible for insulin pump
  7. have psychological problems
  8. require specialist Type 1 diabetes education e.g. in carbohydrate counting

We also provide a telephone advice and guidance service for people with diabetes under the care of the hospital consultants, for GPs and PNs and other health care professionals.

See all clinics & services available visit Great Western Hospital website.

Meet the team

Should you have an appointment to attend at the Great Western Hospital you may meet the following Consultant Physician in Diabetes & Endocrinology or member of his/her team:

Dr Beas Bhattacharya
Dr Sahid Ahmed
Dr Vladimir Vaks
Dr Imran Ghaffar

Office telephone: 01793 463841