Within the Swindon area there are many clinics and services dedicated to the maintenance of your health. For further information please select a service from the list below:

Diabetes Community Service: Your GP or nurse may refer you to the Community Diabetes Service if they feel you need specialist input, or they may call the Community Diabetes Service for some advice and guidance in relation to your treatment plan.

Weight Management Services: Swindon Borough Council leisure services provide a choice of free weight management programmes on behalf of NHS Swindon for patients meeting the inclusion criteria.

Physical Activity Services: Swindon Borough Council run a range of activities for all abilities and for people with disabilities such as walking and cycling.

Stop Smoking Service: Last year over 1500 people in Swindon successfully stopped with the help of their local Stop Smoking Services. The service can be found in more than 60 places in Swindon, at a time and place to suit you.

Health Ambassadors: This service is suited to someone who has diabetes and wants to gain a healthier lifestyle by making small changes that can be maintained longer term.

Great Western Hospital Clinic: The Diabetes Care Team at Great Western Hospital aims to provide the highest standard of care for people with diabetes. We aim to provide a patient-centred service promoting a holistic approach to care and self management.