DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed)

This course is a way of finding out more about type 2 diabetes and will help you manage the changes diabetes can bring to your life. You will also get the opportunity to meet and share experiences with others. The educators are there to help you increase your knowledge and understanding of what having diabetes will mean for you. The educators are all fully qualified nurses with a specific interest in Diabetes. You will receive six hours of structured self management education. Two modules are available: Newly diagnosed for individuals diagnosed in the past 12 months, and the Ongoing module for those with established diabetes. Course content incudes: Food choices and exercise, understanding risk factors and diabetic complications and understanding monitoring and medication. The patient will be involved in their own individulaised care planning.

When you first find out you have diabetes you need a good start in making healthy lifestyle choices, DESMOND gives you that good start.

Where is DESMOND based and how often?

In Swindon you have the choice of attending one full day or 2 half day sessions. The 2 half days would be run on 2 consecutive weeks.

Four courses are run every month.

How can I attend a DESMOND course?

When you are newly diagnosed your GP or Practice Nurse will refer you to the DESMOND newly diagnosed course, to enable you to have a greater understanding of what diabetes is and how best to manage it. You will hear back from the Diabetes Community Team regarding when and where you have been booked on to a course. It is a good idea to let your GP/Practice Nurse know if you have any preferences at the time of referral i.e. to attend a full day or 2 half days.

You also have the option to attend a DESMOND course for people who are not newly diagnosed but would like to receive education on diabetes and lifestyle.

To self refer, please telephone 01793 696622.

How long is a session?

A full day session typically starts at 09:30 and finish at 16:30. The 2 half day sessions typically start at 09:15 and finish at 12:45. There are tea breaks in each session. The full day session also has a 30 minute lunch break.

What if I decide DESMOND is not for me?

It is something you should give serious thought, people who have attended always find it a positive experience.

“the class was upbeat, cheerful and encouraging”

“friendly, relaxed atmosphere and no patronising learning”

“I realised how uninformed I was before the course”

very helpful presentations given in a happy and joyful way”

“good presentation. Lovely informative teachers, very enlightening”

“thank you, you have demystified the problems of being diabetic for me”

If you decide not to attend, you will still receive the same level of care as usual from your GP, nurse and diabetes team.

If you later change your mind, speak to your GP or Practice nurse on how to get re-referred to the service.

For more information, visit the DESMOND website.

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