Diabetes Education Events for Healthcare Professionals

Online Diabetes Education

www.diabetesinhealthcare.co.uk (Diabetes in Healthcare is an introductory diabetes education tool for healthcare professionals covering Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It has been developed by Diabetes UK and Bupa to allow easy access to good-quality diabetes education)

www.diabetesonthenet.com (High-quality diabetes education for healthcare professionals working in the UK − register for face-to-face events, access journal content, watch videos and participate in online CPD from leading professional societies)

www.univadis.org (last updates, learning on different topics including diabetes)
Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme 
CDEP flyer

Based on the UK national diabetes competency frameworks and offers 5 levels that healthcare practitioners can register at according to their role to support revalidation.  Details can be found at www.cdep.org.uk. To register click on ‘My Learning’, then ‘Sign in to access My Learning’.  After entering your password, use the registration key code SWCVN.

FAQs: https://www.cdep.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions.html

How to Use CDEP: https://www.cdep.org.uk/how-to-use-CDEP.html

If you have any issues or require further support please contact: Candice Ward, Lead CDEP educator candice.ward@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Primary Care Diabetes Society

PCDS have announced the launch of a new series of free eLearning modules through funding provided by NHS Wales. This education has been designed to support healthcare professionals working within primary and secondary care.  The modules currently available are as follows

  • Diabetes and older people – community care modules 1 & 2
  • Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Pre-conception, pregnancy and postnatal advice to women with diabetes

The new series can be easily accessed via the following link http://www.cpd.diabetesonthenet.com/index.php

1. Diabetes Consultant/Community DSN Practice-based Education Visits (Diabetes Consultant/GP, DSN/Practice Nurse Joint Practice-based Clinics) 2017-18

Facilitator: Dr Vladimir Vaks, Lead Consultant in Community Diabetes and Sarah Fitzpatrick, Lead Community DSN

These practice-based sessions are run by a community diabetes consultant, and last 4 hours. The sessions may be run differently, such as:

  1. Joint mentored clinics: GPs select patients to be seen face-to-face, think in advance of learning points, lead the consultation and get consultant feedback immediately after the patient has been seen.
  2. Joint clinic to see complex/unengaged patients.
  3. Virtual discussion of patients without the patient being present: e.g. next step therapy, suitable patients that may be discharged from the hospital clinic, etc.
  4. Topic discussions/seminars/workshops/updates in diabetes – running for 1-2 hours with topics to be chosen by the practice, dependent on what GPs/practice nurses would like to learn (requests for such sessions are to be sent to the community diabetes office 6 weeks in advance.)
  5. Sessions for the whole practice, looking at QoF improvement indicators, discussion of QoF outliers, local diabetes pathways and guidelines.
  6. Combination of topic discussion (1 hour) following joint clinic.

The sessions are available to be attended by any practice HCPs (GPs, PNs, HC assistants, local pharmacists) who are involved in diabetes care.

Who can be seen in the joint diabetes consultant/GP clinics?

  • Any cases a GP would like to learn about the next step in diabetes management.
  • Assessment and next step in treatment (GLP-1, SGLT2, insulin).
  • Discussing suitable patients that may be discharged from hospital clinics.
  • Difficult to manage patients (motivation, individual care planning, specialist opinion).
  • Patients not engaging with the hospital diabetes clinic.
  • Uncertainty about classification of diabetes.
  • HbA1c above 75mmol/mol.
  • HbA1c above 58mmol/mol for the last 3 years.

For further details contact Swindon Community Diabetes Service Administrator  Mrs Rosemary Wood

by rosemary.wood5@nhs.net or

Tel: 01793 696621

Download Consultant Diabetes Practice-based Education Visits (clinics) 2017-18

2.Diabetes Training days for GPs and Practice Nurses 

Facilitator: Dr Vladimir Vaks, Lead Consultant in Community Diabetes

Thursday 28 September 2017 – Update in Diabetes 2017 for Primary Caredownload the agenda

Venue: Swindon Town Football Club, County Road, Swindon, SN1 2ED

Registration: 9.00

Start/Finish: 9.15 to 17.00

To book your place for the 28 September 2017 event, please contact:

Mrs Rosemary Wood, Swindon Community Diabetes Service Administrator

Tel: 01793 696621

Email: rosemary.wood5@nhs.net

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3. Bi-monthly Swindon Diabetes Education Forum 2017-18

Facilitators: Sarah Fitzpatrick, Lead Community DSN, Swindon Community Diabetes Service

Venue: The Holiday Inn Hotel, Swindon SN3 6AQ

Registration: 18:30

Start/Finish time: 19.00-20.00

18 July 2017

7 September 2017 – Basal Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes Management – Download the flyer

21 November 2017 – DVLA and Diabetes – Download the flyer

25 January 2018 – Swindon Guidelines on Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Associated with Diabetes Mellitus – Download the flyer

8 March 2018 – “Making the most of diabetes care review: launch of “MY DIABETES BOOK” – Download the flyer

3 May 2018 – Launch of Swindon Guidelines on “Hyperglycaemia Management in Type 2 Diabetes” – Download the flyer

For all meetings prior to 2017, please see the list of past events at the bottom of this page.


Register by contacting Mrs Rosemary Wood

E: Rosemary.wood5@nhs.net or SWICCG.CommunityDiabetesService@nhs.net

T: 01793 696621

See a list of our past events