5 Day Diabetes Management Course for Practice Nurses

Care & Management of People with Diabetes

Who is it for?

Any health care professionals interested and seeing patients with diabetes such as Practice Nurses, Hospital Ward Nurses, Community Nurses, Matrons, Podiatrists, Dieticians, Psychologist, GPs and Junior Doctors.

Course Philosophy & Aim

The Swindon Diabetes Care Team is committed to the education of local, trained nurses by way of a 5-day course, providing up to date evidence based information on the care and management of people with diabetes. This aims to ensure a greater insight into living with diabetes, in order to enhance quality of life and reduce risks of long term complications for people with diabetes.

Day 1

For participants to:

  • Share expectations and previous experience in diabetes care.
  • Define diabetes – Type 1, Type 2.
  • State pre-disposing risk factors, incidence and prevalence, importance of early diagnosis of Diabetes.
  • Recognise significant research concerning diabetes control.
  • Identify principles and appropriateness of various treatments for example diet, tablets and insulins.

Day 2

For participants to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of key roles and responsibilities of health professionals delivering diabetes care in Primary Care and Secondary Care settings, and interphasing of this care.
  • Identify local and nationally recognised resources and bodies for people with diabetes, and health care professionals.
  • Identify normal blood glucose levels, methods of monitoring, blood letting and monitoring equipment, importance of quality control and what to do with results.

Day 3

For participants to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of gestational diabetes.
  • Recognise importance of pre-conceptual care.
  • Describe hyperglycaemia and ketoacidosis and be able to advise on management and / or prevention.
  • Recognise potential problems for person with diabetes fasting prior to diagnostic/surgical procedures.
  • Recognise psychological impact of reality of living with diabetes day to day and long term.

Day 4

For participants to:

  • Identify varying needs of children with diabetes and their families.
  • Demonstrate understanding of complications of diabetes – kidneys, eyes, vascular/heart disease, stroke, feet, neuropathy.
  • Emphasise understanding of how to prevent complications and support and educate people through treatment.

Day 5

For participants to:

  • Identify symptoms, cause and management of hypoglycaemia.
  • Identify risk factors for and implications of micro and macrovascular complications.
  • Demonstrate understanding of practical aspects of living with diabetes.
  • Identify issues and trends that could influence the future of diabetes care and how on a personal level the role of the nurse can impact on future care.

Course Dates, Venue, Cost and How to Book: Please contact Alison Gardner, Diabetes Secretary – Alison.gardner@gwh.nhs.uk or call 01793 604054.

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