Walking is ideal exercise – it’s an easy and free way to help manage your weight (walking at least one mile (1.6km) can burn around 100 calories).

If you want to increase your walking levels, a fun way to do this is to get a pedometer and try to increase your walking steps on a daily basis.

Walking Programmes in Swindon

  • Walking for Health (Swindon Health Walks): Weekly 40 minute volunteer-led walks at various locations across Swindon, including ‘Wheelie Health Walks’, suitable for parents with pushchairs or people in wheelchairs. These are all free.
  • Get Walking Keep Walking: Swindon also has some lovely green spaces for walking – explore the borough on foot, you can find and download easy, tried and tested short walking routes of less than five miles.
  • Swindon Travel Choices: Offer a range of information on walking and cycling in Swindon, including a walking and cycling journey planner and travel guides.